5 Reasons to Choose Sculptra

Sculptra Aesthetic facial filler takes anywhere from three to six treatment sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart each, before you see ideal results. The procedure requires maintenance visits every one to two years. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons to choose this cosmetic treatment over the alternatives, including:

1. Longer-Lasting Results

Nothing short of surgery can offer you permanent results when it comes to reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face and filling in sunken and hallowed areas, such as those around the eyes, chin and cheeks. However, Sculptra can offer longer-lasting results than other alternatives because results can last up to two years. Some injectable fillers last only four to six months before you need maintenance, and skin tightening with bi-polar radio and light technology requires maintenance visits at least once a year.

2. Natural, Safer Facial Filler

Sculptra is mostly made out of a Poly-L-lactic acid compound. Poly-L-lactic acid is a compound produced by the body, particularly after active exercise, to help firm muscles. It's bio-compatible and safely absorbed by the body over time. Other facial fillers use toxins so that you're literally having poison injected into your body. If performed incorrectly, the toxin-based filler can cause poisoning and sickness.

3. More Natural-Looking Results

The toxin-based facial fillers typically offer faster (shorter-lasting) results because they puff up your skin after just one treatment. However, this overnight transformation is completely noticeable and often looks stiff and fake. Choosing Sculptra may mean that your treatment will take longer before you see results, but this gradual improvement of your skin will make the results appear more natural. You'll also have a completely flexible face that allows you to smile more naturally.

4. More Comprehensive Results

Some people may opt for bi-polar radio and light technology, which is less invasive than facial fillers. However, the bi-polar radio and light tool can only correct wrinkles and fine lines and some shallow areas of the face, but the results will be nowhere near as full as Poly-L-lactic acid facial filler. This is because the bi-polar radio and light can plump up what tissue is there by stimulating collagen production, but if you don't have much tissue in areas such as under your eyes, around your chin or on your cheeks, collagen production won't be enough to fill out these areas. You need a filler to take the place of tissue that is not there.

5. Fast Recovery

Surgery may be the only permanent solution, but it can put you out of commission for weeks and leave you with an bruised, scarred face as you recover. You won't have to take time off from work or from most normal activities with a facial filler. Your skin may be a little swollen, red and bruised, but you can reduce the risk of bruising by abstaining from alcohol, aspirin and Vitamin E for a week before treatment.

If you think that you might see benefits with the treatment, a cosmetic specialist can help you decide if Sculptra is the right procedure for you. Improving your looks and boosting your self-confidence can be worth the investment of time and money.

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