6 Reasons to Choose Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is a dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid. From the available dermal fillers employed in cosmetic treatments, the ones with hyaluronic acid are the most effective. Choosing Prevelle Silk has many benefits and advantages, and you may decide on this treatment for several reasons.

1. Durability

You may opt for Prevelle Silk since it is a treatment with long lasting results. On average, the effects of Prevelle Silk may be noticeable for 6 months, but the durability of the effects of Prevelle Silk may stretch to up to 12 months. This is due to the fact that the hyaluronic acid will be easily accepted by the body and will stay under the skin for many months.

Prevelle Silk is recommended if you need a gentle wrinkle reducing procedure or would like to give more shape to your face or lips.

2. Get a Younger Appearance

Prevelle Silk is the ideal solution if you want to reduce some visible wrinkles from your face. The injections of hyaluronic acid will fill the areas under the skin, and your face will have a softer and younger appearance.

The treatment will not leave the skin uneven and there will not be scars or incision wounds on the surface of the skin, as the Prevelle Silk treatment is administered using a small gauge needle.

3. Get More Volume

If you need additional volume in the lips area, Prevelle Silk is a great choice. Due to the fact that the lip area is very sensitive, the treatment will be painful, but using a numbing cream will reduce the discomfort.

Prevelle Silk is a versatile solution, and you can get this treatment both for your wrinkles and additional volume in just 1 treatment session.

4. No Down Time

If you get a Prevelle Silk treatment, you will need no down time. A lot of cosmetic treatments will require some down time, even if they are non invasive.

After the Prevelle Silk treatment, your skin may be red and a bit swollen, but you can continue your daily chores without any contraindications. Pain may be inherent, but there are a few mild pain medications that will be prescribed by the plastic surgeon and these will remove the discomfort.

You can choose to take 1 day off, but only if you consider you need it or if your job involves heavy lifting or strenuous physical activities.

5. Non Allergenic Ingredients

Prevelle Silk uses hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that normally exists in the body. Consequently, you will not be allergic to the treatment and there is no need to allergy testing prior to the procedure. Other dermal fillers that use synthetic materials will require testing, to ensure there will be no allergic reactions to the ingredients.

6. Cost

The cost of a Prevelle Silk treatment is similar to the cost of other dermal fillers that don’t have durable effects and may also cause additional allergies.

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