Advantages and Disadvantages of ArteFill

ArteFill, a dermal filler solution injected by trained professionals, offers long lasting solutions to those seeking wrinkle and fold removal. The treatment provides a different approach than many other dermal fillers, ultimately offering successful results in most patients.

ArteFill Advantages

  • ArteFill uses and injected solution that does not absorb into the body so that the results show up almost immediately. Along with the fast acting results, the facial rejuvenation shows up for a long period of time after the procedure.
  • The treatment does not continue until one has a skin test prior to the injection. This provides customers and patients with beneficial information that decreases the risk of skin damage.
  • The solution and overall procedure were approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in the year of 2006. Patients feel more comfortable due to the fact that the solution does not pose as a major risk or threat that has not been deemed as a controlled substance.
  • The ArteFill procedure has widespread availability in doctor offices across the United States. Patients have the ability to find a doctor to administer the injectable solution on the ArteFill website.
  • Along with the skin treatment procedure’s immediate results, patients have the choice of leaving the office directly after receiving the treatments. Those who receive the ArteFill treatment enjoy the opportunity to continue with normal daily activities once the visit to the doctor concludes.
  • The solution and treatment system gets sold to trained physicians who have undergone testing with the ArteFill product.
  • Multiple applications become available to those who need extra treatment due to excessive or extreme wrinkle and skin disfiguration.
  • Most patients receive desired results within the first or second application phase, which saves money and provides the desired finished product.

The list of advantages help patients choose a safe and effective alternative to advanced and extremely costly surgeries that take place in crowded and busy hospitals. Rather than going under the knife, those seeking dermal care have a faster acting option in ArteFill.

ArteFill Disadvantages

  • The ArteFill procedure uses an injectable solution using a needle, which causes some patients to choose other options that involve non-injectable treatment.
  • Due to the injection, patients often feel slight pain and temporary discomfort. However, lidocaine, the mild anesthetic, helps reduce any major distress issues.
  • Those who have skin issues, such as severe scarring, do not fit the requirements for the ArteFill treatment.
  • Since the ArteFill dermal procedure contains a solution that includes collagen, those who have adverse reaction to the product do not fit the requirements for the treatment.
  • Major facial skin outbreaks require patients to wait a period of time until the area heals before receiving the ArteFill procedure.

Although the advantages look as if they outweigh the disadvantages provided by the ArteFill treatment, several patients choose other, more natural dermal filler solutions. The ArteFill system uses a special compound that does not absorb into the body over long periods of time, which causes some patients to express interest in other options; polymethylmethacrylate, or PMMA for short, that stays under the top layer of skin has the ability to cause bumps or disfiguration in some cases.

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