Advantages and Disadvantages of Evolence

Evolence, like most temporary dermal fillers, provides several key advantages and disadvantages. A similar active compound works to fix wrinkles and facial flaws quickly, but for limited periods of time.

Advantages of Evolence

  • The Evolence procedure provides immediate results. Patients have the ability to walk in to an office, receive the treatment and then continue with normal daily activities with minor after-effects.
  • Evolence works in the moderate to deep regions of the facial dermis, providing temporary results to large problematic facial regions. The solution provides relief to deep wrinkles and mild scarring.
  • The solution and correctional procedure received the approval of the Food and Drug Administration during the year of 2008, which provides patients with peace of mind.
  • Evolence, derived from mostly collagen, works naturally with the human dermal system due to the fact that nearly 80 percent of human skin comes from collagen.
  • The Evolence procedure takes up to one hour, and in some cases only a small amount of time longer, providing patients with fast and efficient results.
  • Patients have the ability to receive repeat treatment for desired results.
  • The procedure requires no skin test from patients seeking treatment

Disadvantages of Evolence

  • The product was discontinued by Johnson and Johnson during the year of 2009, due to a lack of major sales.
  • The product lasts for a shorter time span than other more permanent solutions and each treatment costs around 500 dollars.
  • Evolence requires a needle injection, which causes a great deal of fear to many patients.
  • The treatment does not require a skin treatment check up prior to the application. For those receiving their first treatment, knowing whether or not collagen causes allergic reactions becomes difficult.
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