Areas of the Body Captique Treats

Captique is one of the most popular dermal filler products on the market. It is dispensed by professional and qualified dermatology doctors as an injection under the skin. Some doctors promote this kind of dermal filler because unlike some other similar products, it is plant-based, which leads to a reduction in potential allergy problems.

Main Uses of Captique

Like some other dermal fillers, Captique is most popular as a way to wipe away wrinkles on the face. These include wrinkles around the nose and mouth, as well as "crow's feet" at the corners of the eyes, and folds of skin under the eyes. All of these classic signs of aging can be treated with Captique procedures.

Lip Injections

Along with the above uses, Captique is also used to plump up lips. It can be used on lines around the mouth, or it can actually be injected into the lips to make them fuller.

Other Areas of the Face

Captique is also used to treat other areas of the face, including the eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, and even the jawline. Dermal fillers like Captique are often used, for example, to treat acne scarring or other kinds of scars.

Consult a qualified dermatology specialist to learn more about Captique before selecting a dermal filler procedure.

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