Areas of the Body Dysport Treats

Dysport treats patients with cervical dystonia and glabellar lines. This method uses an injectable medication that relieves muscle tightening and spastic convulsions that force the body into uncomfortable and unnatural postures - traits commonly associated with cervical dystonia.

Dysport Treatment

Cervical dystonia patients often endure severe muscle cramping and involuntary movement in the neck, upper back and sometimes the shoulders. Dysport injections help alleviate these conditions by utilizing strong muscle relaxants that both reduce muscle tightness and allow the body to maintain a normal posture.

Dystonia treatments often take a matter of minutes, but results last for extended periods of time, depending on the dose and on the treated area. For example, the glabellar lines caused by muscle tension between the eyebrows often take far smaller doses of Dysport medication in comparison to larger body regions like the neck.

The size of the muscle mass surrounding the treated area helps define what each patient should receive as an appropriate amount of medication. The upper shoulder and neck muscles typically receive higher and more frequent doses when compared to the minute region between the eyes.

Cervical dystonia causes different results on a per person basis, making medications like Dysport effective based on personal reaction and individual condition.

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