Areas of the Body Hylaform Treats

The FDA approved substance known as Hylaform is a popular option for individuals wanting to enhance the look of their skin and promote a youthful appearance. Learning more about this “dermal filler” can help prospective patients make the right decisions about choosing cosmetic dermatology procedures.

Most Common Uses of Hylaform

Hylaform is most commonly used to alter the appearance of facial areas. Some common focus points include the lips, cheeks and forehead. Dermal fillers such as Hylaform all tend to work generally the same way, to fill in areas under the skin, which aids in a racing wrinkles and lines on the skin surface.

Other Uses of Hylaform and Other Dermal Fillers

Although dermal fillers like Hylaform are perhaps best known for treating the face, other areas of the body can be treated with these substances as well. Some dermatology specialists may use Hylaform on the arms or legs of a patient, or in other body areas where the patient finds lines or contours to be unsightly.

Talk to your local doctor about the benefits and drawbacks of Hylaform before embarking on a Hylaform regimen, and take care if you have any sort of avian allergy, as this product contains avian material.

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