Areas of the Body Purtox Treats

The medical community is buzzing about a "pure" form of Botox called Purtox. While still in the trial phase, Purtox is steadily increasing in popularity because it's gentle and has long-lasting effects.

What Is Purtox?

Purtox is a refined version of the botulinum toxin that Botox is derived from. Similar to Botox, this purified version of botulinum toxin A is administered directly into the muscle through a series of small injections. Purtox paralyzes the muscle by blocking certain nerve endings that create lines in the face.

Areas of the Body Purtox Treats

Purtox is most commonly used to correct lines and folds in the face made by frowning, smiling and squinting. After a 15 to 20 minute treatment, recipients of Purtox can expect a much smoother and youthful appearance to the treated area. Most patients can expect to see results immediately, and it lasts from three to five months.

Although Purtox is most commonly used for facial line correction, it can also be used for pain relief. Since Purtox paralyzes the nerve endings, some doctors have found that it has been effective in treating uncontrolled spasms in Parkinson's Disease patients. Researchers expect to find more uses as studies of Purtox continue.

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