Areas of the Body Sculptra Treats

Understanding what areas of the body Sculptra treats will help you decide whether or not to undergo the procedure. This facial filler treats the following imperfections of the face:

Deep Lines throughout the Face

Sculptra is most often used to treat lines in the face, such as deep wrinkles caused by age or stressed skin. The areas most often treated for deep lines are the areas around the mouth. It is not always advised for delicate wrinkles, as it can make the most impact on the deep lines. It may also be used for deep lines across the neck, but may be less effective.

Sunken Eyes

Another area often treated by Sculptra is the area under the eyes if you have what appear to be "sunken eyes" due to genetics, weight loss, thyroid problems or other medical conditions. The facial filler will plump up the area, giving your skin a smoother texture.

Hallowed Cheeks

Thin, hallowed cheeks are a frequent effect of weight loss, aging and other skin stressors. You can fill them in with a facial filler injection.

Indented Chin

If you have a cleft chin or a chin that seems to unnaturally indent on the top or bottom, a facial filler can help plump out and even out the texture of the chin.

Sculptra facial filler fills in the lines and hallowed areas of your face. The natural-looking results take a minimum of three sessions spaced a total of nine weeks apart (but may take longer) and will need to be maintained every two years or so.

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