ArteFill for Different Skin Tones and Types

ArteFill can help many people regain their skin's youthful appearance and vigor. By injecting this product into the skin, a patient can choose to have her wrinkles plumped up so the skin's texture is smooth and even.

Best Skin Tones and Types for ArteFill

The good news is that ArteFill is an injectable which can work for all skin tones and types. While this is not a product that is recommended for areas where the skin is very thin, ArteFill can help with deeper wrinkles, creating a non-resorbable layer of bovine collagen that stays in place for longer periods of time. The body does not instantly absorb the filler again, making the results long term. The body will, however, absorb the filler at a much slower rate than other fillers are absorbed, over the course of a few weeks, unlike some other products.

While crow's feet are not going to be helped by ArteFill, this injectable is a good fit for someone who wants to look younger, but does not want to spend a lot of time in a doctor's office getting touch ups. Those who are allergic to bovine products will not be able to use ArteFill, nor will those with chronic skin infections.

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