Candidacy for Sculptra

Sculptra can be used for a variety of purposes to help reduce wrinkles and facial inconsistencies. However, this product may not be for all patients. There are some candidates for Sculptra that can benefit from its use and some candidates who should avoid its use.

Candidates for Sculptra

HIV and AIDS patients are candidates for Sculptra. Most candidates for Sculptra are HIV and AIDS patients who have suffered from facial wasting. These patients can benefit from Scupltra because it can help to rebuild facial structure that has wasted away due to their illness. However, some HIV and AIDS patients may be too far into their sickness that Sculptra could worsen their health. It is highly important for these candidates to discuss all the possible complications with their doctor before proceding.

The elderly can also benefit from Sculptra. Sculptra can help reduce the signs of aging by reducing wrinkles. Many patients, especially in Europe, use Sculptra to add a more youthful appearance.

Candidates Who Should Avoid Sculptra

  • Those in poor health. As stated above, patients with advanced HIV and AIDS may have complications from Sculptra. Anyone who uses Sculptra should be in optimal health.
  • Those with skin infections or rashes.
  • Anyone who may be allergic to certain medications. If you have any medicine allergies, discuss these with your doctors before beginning any treatment with Sculptra.
  • Those patients on certain medications. Discuss any medications you take with your doctor to determine your eligibility for using Sculptra.
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