Captique for Adolescents

Captique is a cosmetic surgery procedure which seeks to help people fill in deep lines in the face. Some patients don't want to have a full face lift procedure, and with this Captique filler, patients don't have to have the more extensive procedure. Adolescents can also reap the benefits of Captique, helping them with less intense facial issues like acne scarring and lines.

Filling in Blemishes and Scars

In some cases of extreme acne, teenagers and adolescents can be left not only with scars, but also with indentations in the skin which reduce the smoothness of texture.  With Captique, adolescents can have the lines and other scarring filled in. This will help to bring the indented skin up to the level of healthy skin. In this way, the scarred skin will look no different than other portions of skin. Even if some scarring is still present, makeup can cover the discoloration more easily.

With Captique for adolescents, any skin imperfections can be filled in with this hyaluronic acid filler. With a series of injections, patients will be able to see their skin be less lined and indented, while also making sure that they are able to have smooth and youthful skin for the future too.

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