Captique: Myths and Facts

Captique has remained a leader in the injectable cosmetics industry for a number of years. The solution provides patients with quick results, virtually no pain or downtime, plus the peace of mind and safety as a Food and Drug Administration approved product.

Myth: Captique Causes Side Effects

Fact: Many people believe that injectable treatments such as Captique often result in adverse side effects such as allergic reactions. However, most injectable products, including Captique, include natural occurring additives. Captique uses a plant based byproduct that works in sync with the human skin and underlying layers to provide desirable results.

Captique does not cause major negative side effects, namely because the product uses all natural additives. In fact, patients often bypass any sort of pre screening or allergen tests because of the fact that Captique’s main injectable solution directly comes from plants.

Myth: Captique Causes Pain and Discomfort

Fact: Some potential cosmetic patients feel like Captique and other injectables produce pain and discomfort like other major cosmetic procedures. Realistically, the needles used in nearly all dermal fillers have such a small size that patients rarely feel any sort of pain during or after treatment.

Myth: Captique is Non-Efficient 

Fact: A common belief amongst some groups who believe that injectable treatments do not deliver satisfactory results think this way only because the treatment size has such a small amount of medication per dose. Although many injectables do not provide prolonged results with only one treatment, Captique and others do work effectively through multiple reoccurring procedures over a period of time.

Captique works to eliminate wrinkles of all size and add healthy looking amounts of size under the top layers of skin to make appearances look younger. Captique works well with many other treatments on the market, including other dermal fillers and some alternative processes too.

Myth: Captique Is Expensive

Fact: Due to the nature of injectable treatments, patients often have to receive multiple applications in order for prolonged results to occur. This leads some clients to believe that the costs of such treatments will result in large payment amounts. The cost of most Captique treatments remain under the 500 dollar mark, making the quick choice an affordable one too.

Myth: Captique Offers Limited Patient Basis

Fact: The Captique treatment works in mostly all patients who seek to eliminate wrinkles and other effects caused by aging. This injectable filler, like many others, also works to add volume to areas around the lips too.

Myth: Captique Is Not Safe

Fact: The Captique treatment received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in 2004. Several other leading dermal fillers have also gained FDA approval, making the treatment a reliable, safe and effective method for skin renewal and cosmetic use.

A few minor side effects do remain in place for most dermal fillers, including Captique. After treatment, patients often encounter small amounts of redness and swelling around the point of injection. As opposed to other alternative skin renewal treatments, injectable treatments realistically serve as one of the most harmless forms of the practice.

Myth: Captique Is Inconvenient

Fact: As a common factor amongst many injectable dermal filler solutions, patients who receive the Captique treatment encounter almost no required resting period or downtown post procedure. This remains a key selection component to patients looking for fast and simple treatment.

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