Conditions that Botox Treats

BOTOX ® is the abbreviated name for botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein that is produced by the bacterium Clostrinium Botulinum.? BOTOX ® is primarily used in cosmetic medicine to treat a range of naturally occurring facial conditions such as facial creases, wrinkles and brow lines.? However, BOTOX ® is also used to treat a variety of other medical conditions and as research progresses, more and more conditions are being added to the already long list.


Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a condition caused by overactive sweat glands that is treated using BOTOX ® injections.? By injecting the BOTOX ® into the body, it can inhibit the nerves that control the sweat glands, providing relief.? It can be used on the palms and feet as well as other areas of the body.


Torticollis is a condition that manifests in involuntary contractions of the neck muscles, which causes the head to twist to one side. It is a painful condition, but can be treated by injecting BOTOX ® into the neck to relax the neck muscles, easing pain and providing relief.

Migraines or Tension Headaches

By injecting BOTOX ® into the back, the sides of the head or the brow area, migraines and tension headaches can be treated.? The BOTOX ® works by blocking brain receptors from registering the pain, which in turn causes the muscles to relax and tension to be reduced.


BOTOX ® can be injected into the muscle wall of the bladder to reduce muscle overactivity and to lessen the sensitivity of the bladder. These symptoms contribute to some forms of incontinence.

Muscle Spasms

Varying types of muscle spasm can be treated by injecting BOTOX ® , including eye twitching, vocal cord spasms and spasms in the face and jaw, as well as other areas of the body. BOTOX ® is an effective way to relax the muscles in spasm or lessen the contractions that cause stiffness and spasms. BOTOX ® is now being used to treat Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy.

As research progresses and trials are carried out, there will be an ever increasing number of medical conditions that BOTOX ® can treat.

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