Conditions that Captique Treats

Captique is a dermal filler product that was approved by the FDA for treating a range of conditions in cosmetic dermatology. Skilled doctors inject Captique under the skin to help smooth out wrinkles or for cosmetic alterations in the face.

What Is Captique Used For?

The primary use of Captique is in erasing wrinkles or lines on the face. For many dermal filler products like Captique, the most popular application is in the nasolabial area (the area around the mouth and nose), but Captique is also often used on lines on the cheeks, forehead, jaw, or other areas of the face or body where skin may benefit from filling or tightening.

Other Uses of Captique

The Captique product is also used around the eyes. Captique injections may help to firm up the eye area and help deal with folds of skin collected under the eyes. Captique is also used to help smooth away "crow's feet" or wrinkles at the edges of the eyes.

Captique is also used for lip injections, to make lips fuller. Lip augmentation can use a range of dermal filler amounts for different intended effects.

Captique and other dermal fillers are also used to help with acne scarring or other kinds of scarring, though doctors may warn patients with some types of scarring that dermal filler injections may not be compatible with their conditions. Ask local doctors about whether Captique would be an effective treatment for any of the above conditions, with attention to existing skin issues, medication regimens and individual health history data such as known allergies.

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