Conditions that Dysport Treats

Dysport treats a limited amount of conditions. The powerful medicines found in each dose of the injectable have the potential to cause extreme health risks, enforcing the importance of understanding the designated causes intended.


Patients select Dysport in order to improve extreme to moderate cases of cervical dystonia. This medical condition forces muscles to lock up, causing the body to remain in fixed uncomfortable positions. Dysport gets injected into muscles that remain in the locked state in order to full relax the tension, letting the body to assume a natural and comfortable position.

Glabellar Lines

Smaller doses of the Dysport injection help alleviate muscle tightening that tends to cause glabellar lines. These wrinkles occur between the eye brows, leaving the face in a fixed frowning appearance. However, the smaller amounts of medication found in injections for the treatment of glabellar lines acts as a way to avoid serious health risk.


Dysport does work with patients of all ages, including children and adults. Each individual must have a dystonia disorder or severe glabellar skin folds caused by muscle related conditions. Patients who use other muscle relaxants fail to meet practical candidacy for Dysport. Complications caused by mixing medications often result in adverse side effects.


In some cases involving the misuse of Dysport, patients have died. The serious risk of risk associated with the Dysport treatment causes many patients to seek other procedures. This cervical dystonia treatment option focuses on its intended use and nothing more; the specialized medicine used in the product does not make for a wide ranged client base.

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