Conditions that Evolence Treats

Evolence, a naturally sourced, collagen based injectable filler, is approved by the FDA to treat medium to deep folds, lines and wrinkles on the face. Many cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists use it for other applications as well, as it is particularly suited to use that requires a thicker, firmer gel and longer lasting results.

Evolence to Treat Lines and Wrinkles

Evolence is derived from natural collagen. As such, it provides a stronger, firmer base beneath the skin and even helps stimulate growth of additional, natural collagen. Because of these qualities, Evolence is often used to treat deep lines on the face. The lines between the nose and the corners of the mouth, called marionette lines or, more technically, nasolabial folds, respond well to Evolence treatment.

Smaller lines and wrinkles also respond well to Evolence. In addition, certain types of facial scarring can also be reduced in appearance with Evolence treatment. The results will last as long as twelve months, at which time additional treatment is necessary for maintenance.

Other Uses of Evolence

Evolence can also be used to reshape asymmetrical areas of the face. Most commonly, the nose or chin are slightly altered with Evolence injections. Adding greater symmetry to the nose in this way is often referred to as a non-surgical rhinoplasty.

While Evolence cannot actually change the underlying bone structure of the nose or face, it can be used to fill in small areas to make them appear more symmetrical, or to reduce the appearance of bumps or uneven protrusions. Those who are unhappy with the shape of their nose, but who do not wish to undergo surgical alteration, can make use of Evolence both to alter the shape of the nose and see what results of more permanent alteration might look like.

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