Conditions that Juvederm Treats

The cosmetic dermatology product known as JUVEDERM ® is part of a larger class of products that are often called dermal fillers. JUVEDERM ® is administered by injection in the offices of qualified dermatology specialists.

Conditions that JUVEDERM ® Treats

The most common use of JUVEDERM ® is in treating certain wrinkle lines on the face. These include the nasolabial lines (smile lines or lines between nose and lip) as well as ?marionette lines? (lines on the cheeks). JUVEDERM ® treatments fill in under the affected areas and help develop collagen to give the patient a cosmetic improvement. Dermatology offices most often advertise their skill with JUVEDERM ® for this kind of cosmetic use.

In addition to these primaries types of uses, JUVEDERM ® is also used to plump up lips, or in some types of cosmetic eye surgery.

JUVEDERM ® is conventionally most used for facial cosmetic dermatology procedures, but in some cases, where skin tightening is needed in other body areas, JUVEDERM ® or another dermal filler may be used.

More About JUVEDERM ® Procedures

Procedures at the dermatology office to administer JUVEDERM ® generally take less than an hour, and directly after the procedure, the patient is usually free to resume normal activities. JUVEDERM ® is a filler made with a substance that simulates hylauronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. However, no cosmetic dermatology procedure is entirely free of potential side effects, and some swelling or other complications have been occasionally reported with JUVEDERM ® .

Individuals who want to consider a dermal filler procedure can talk to their local dermatology specialists about whether JUVEDERM ® could be right for a specific condition or procedure.

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