Conditions that Prevelle Silk Treats

Prevelle Silk is among the latest in anti-aging cosmetic solutions. This method uses a small amount of Hyaluronic acid gel that is injected just below the facial skin layer. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance, produced in the human body. This makes Prevelle Silk a safer approach for eradicating various types of skin-based problems.

Conditions that Prevelle Silk is known to treat in an appreciative manner include:

Oral Commissures

These fine lines are found along the corners of the mouth. These lines are also called marionette lines. Typically, these lines are more pronounced around the upper part of the chin. Marionette lines are largely regarded to give the face a rather mature and grim appearance. Since Prevelle Silk doesn’t cause any swelling, it is ideal for filling such fine, aging lines.

Vertical Upper Lip Lines

These lines typically develop along the upper lip, and are often called perioral lines or smoker's lines. Lip lines are among the most common form of vertical creasing or skin folding among aging women age. The decreasing elasticity of the facial skin due to loss of collagen fiber causes further deepening of these lines. Sun exposure, too, is known to augment the progress of these lines. Further, these are more pronounced among women with thinner lips, i.e. wherein the skin beneath the nose isn't camouflaged by the upper lip. Among women visiting dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons for anti-aging surgical procedures, removal of upper lip lines is the most commonly-occurring request. Since Prevelle Silk seamlessly fits within the skin, it is able to reduce the creasing more comprehensively.

Other that Prevelle Silk Treats

  • Forehead lines—commonly called worry lines. These horizontal lines along the temple can develop very deep indentations with aging.
  • Periorbital lines—the skin around the eyes tends to wrinkle, causing development of unpleasant-looking lines that are also called crow's feet.
  • Smile lines—also called nasolabial folds. These lines run along the sides of nostrils, towards the corner of the mouth.
  • Lip augmentation—Prevelle Silk is used as dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is able to enhance the thickness of the lips without causing any lumping or ridging.
  • Frown lines—creasing of skin in the small area between the eyebrows, commonly referred to as glabellar lines.
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