Cosmetic and Health Benefits of ArteFill

ArteFill is a cosmetic injectable which has been proven to last longer than other products on the market. Made from bovine collagen, this procedure will help to fill in lines and wrinkles from sun damage and the aging process. Completed in minutes in a dermatologist's office, this cosmetic surgery procedure has minimal risks and a short recovery time for patients, making it a highly recommended skin procedure for a variety of candidates, men and women.

Tightens Skin

For those who feel their face is beginning to show the procession of time, ArteFill can be a good way to cover those tracks of Mother Nature. By helping to fill in the nasolabial folds some men and women have, ArteFill allows the skin to appear tighter and firmer.

Plumps Lips

Not only can ArteFill help with wrinkles and ridges, but it has also been used to help plump up thinner lips as well as to help fill in scars which are causing texture troubles. This injectable is permanent for many people, allowing this to be a long term alternative to injectables which only last a few weeks or months. The body can not easily absorb the combination of PMMA and bovine collagen, making it last longer.

Improves Mood

One of the things that many people wonder about ArteFill is whether there are health benefits to its use. One could say that the use of injectables can help to make one's appearance more attractive and this can help to improve mood. In improving the mood and the self esteem of a patient, the patient can make healthier choices in their lives, leading to better health. Science has also linked a positive attitude on life with a reduced risk of long term diseases and chronic disorders. Thus, by simply feeling better about one's appearance, one can feel better in general.

Facilitates Health Procedures

What many people do not realize is that ArteFill has been used in orthopedic procedures and in artificial joints, helping people become more mobile. In addition, people with cataracts can be helped by ArteFill, allowing them to see more clearly.

Who Is the Best Candidate for ArteFill?

Those who are looking for a long term solution for wrinkles will find ArteFill is a good choice. They will need to have wrinkling which has not been helped by traditional over the counter creams and other treatments. If they have used injectables before, this will also help to increase their chances of being a good fit for ArteFill. The skin should be healthy and infection free. The patient should also not be allergic to bovine products or have sensitive skin.

When using ArteFill, a patient can notice immediate results after one treatment and these results will last for a long period of time due to the formulation. For patients who want to see results without having to return for checkups and for additional filler, ArteFill is a choice that makes sense for one's convenience as well as for those who don't want to continue to spend money on cosmetic procedures.

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