Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Captique

Captique is a FDA approved plant based hyaluronic acid dermal filler used for temporary fixing skin folds and facial wrinkles. This versatile product offers good results and is used for skin corrections. Captique dermal filler is used to correct areas of the face such as crow’s feet, marionette lines or lip corners, vertical lip lines and nasolabial folds or smile lines. Cosmetic face alterations are carried out by skilled doctors by injecting Captique under the skin.

Captique filler is entirely synthetic and not an animal derivative product. The Captique treatment takes just fifteen to twenty minutes and is an outpatient procedure. As opposed to Botox, which acts as a paralytic, Captique maintains facial expressions even as it reduces wrinkles.

Captique dermal filler offers significant cosmetic and health benefits.

Fold and Wrinkle Relief

Captique provides fold and wrinkle relief on multiple facial areas in a short time. This solution works for a prolonged period of time under the top skin layer, as it is not absorbed by the body for months. A single treatment session provides effective results.

Injectable Captique filler eliminates folds and wrinkles from every part of the face including the forehead, jawline, cheeks, between eyebrows, around the mouth, around the eye and nose regions, and lips.

FDA Approved Natural Ingredients

Captique injectable dermal filler use natural compounds and products approved by the FDA. Blood tests and allergen skin tests are not required before the procedure, as there are no serious and adverse reactions reported so far.

Short Treatment Duration

The Captique procedure takes one hour and patients can leave as soon as the injection is administered. This is convenient as compared to procedures such as laser treatments that take many hours and requires multiple treatments.

No Side Effects         

There are no side effects and patients can go about their daily activities. Minor swelling and redness occurs sometimes, which disappears with the completion of treatment. Patients are advised by doctors to avoid exposure to sun and UV lamps for twenty four hours after the procedure.

Painless Procedure

Captique is a painless procedure unlike intense laser and chemical peel treatments. Patients experience a mild pricking sensation when the injection is administered. Maximum comfort is offered during the procedure with the help of a mild sedative around the treatment area.

Reduces Acne Scars

Captique treatment reduces the effect of acne scars. This procedure cannot be used in patients suffering from extreme scarring, as it impairs the development of collagen.

This cosmetic treatment is sought by patients aged 30 and above. Younger patients do not opt for this procedure because it is primarily used to counteract aging signs in the lower and upper facial areas.

It is recommended to inform your doctor if you are on medications for blood thinners, aspirin or herbal remedies. You may be asked to stop these medications prior to the Captique treatment.

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