Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Elevess

Elevess is the newest dermatological filler product available today. Elevess dermal filler treatment is a non-surgical way to target your specific skin aging problems, like wrinkles and skin folds. A less invasive solution to treating aging skin conditions, Elevess is the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid based dermatological filler to incorporate aesthetic in its formulation.

Elevess derma fillers were made available in the market in late 2008. It is produced by the same manufacturer of ArteFill, which is the most expensive dermatological filler on the market. Compared to ArteFil, Elevess is more economical and just as effective. Elevess is for treatment and correction of deficiencies in soft tissue contours, facial wrinkles, facial folds, acne scar skin depressions and lip enhancement. This product, although new in the market, is proven to be safe, as it was effective in the clinical study made before its release.

Here are some advantages to using Elevess dermal fillers:

Effective Treatment with Less Discomfort

Elevess derma filler treats mild to moderate cases of facial wrinkles and furrows through corrective injection in the mid to deep dermis. The smoothness of Elevess is perfect for lip augmentation procedures and mid-level facial creases and folds treatment. It includes an ergonomically designed syringe and a unique property that allows injection through a very thin needle to lessen the discomfort of the patient.

Natural Effect on the Skin

Elevess derma fillers offer biocompatibility with minimum to zero health complications. It a built-in pain controller and uses licodaine as its immediate numbing agent that is effective in minimizing pain during cosmetic procedures. The anesthetic for Elevess treatment is already included in the filler to give comfort during and after the procedure. Thus marketed as “The Feel Good Filler,” it is particularly designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.

Longer Lasting Results

Elevess includes the highest available concentration of HA and has a unique patented cross linker in the formulation for greater durability. The results using Elevess derma fillers can last for up to 6 months longer than regular fillers. Patients can enjoy a single process option so you do not have to wait for the medication to wear off before seeing visible results.


Elevess is also one of the most affordable derma fillers introduced in cosmetic dermatology to date. It aims to provide a more cost-effective and convenient aesthetic treatment in the form of dermal fillers, and is expected to address the concerns of dermal aging to more people while letting the practitioners have a more comfortable way of providing treatment to their patients.

These are some of the health and cosmetic benefits a patient can experience when using Elevess dermal filler. But, while most cosmetic surgeries are considered safe, there are still side effects that patients should be made aware of. After the procedure, a patient can experience some bruising, swelling, redness, tenderness, itching and nodule formation as recorded in the clinical trials. These may occur after the injection for more or less seven days, but should not last more than a few weeks.

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