Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Hyperhidrosis BOTOX Treatment

Hyperhydrosis Botox? Treatment has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of axillary hyperhydrosis. Hyperhydrosis refers to a condition where the person sweats excessively, and Botox? is a Botulinum toxin. Botox? is mainly used in cosmetic procedures to reduce the wrinkles, and it is also used for the treatment of various medical and surgical conditions.

Hyperhydrosis is a problem of excessive sweating in certain parts of the body occurring in 3% of the world's population. Because of hyperhydrosis, the affected people are found to develop the physical and psychological problems due to the discomforts caused.

Relief from Excessive Sweating

Relief from excessive sweating is the biggest benefit you get from this treatment. When Botox? is injected near sweat glands, it produces a chemical. This chemical will block the transmitters sent from the sympathetic nervous system to sweat glands. As a result of this block, sweat glands cannot produce excessive sweat.

Effective Treatment

There are some traditional treatments for controlling hyperhydrosis, such as oral medication, antiperspirants or surgery. However, the effects of all these treatments are short-lived and not satisfactory. Botox? has shown comparatively long and better effects. It can work effectively from 3 to 6 months in controlling hyperhydrosis. In?some cases,?the effects?can even last up to 10 months.

After having Botox hyperhydrosis treatment, you can start living a normal life without any change. However, you will be advised to avoid heavy exercise for few hours after the injection. Excessive sweating will reduce immediately, and within a week, changes are observed.

Odorless Body

Odor arising from excessive sweating is one of the reasons people with hyperhydrosis shy away from others. But, if they have this injection, the odor gradually disappears as the sweating gets decreased considerably.

Comfortable Dryness

Due to the effective control of excessive sweating in treated areas immediately, people who had hyperhydrosis will enjoy the dryness within one treatment for a period of 3 to 6 months or even 10 months.

Lifestyle Benefits

Hyperhydrosis-affected people suffer from a lot of lifestyle problems. Their clothes are always stained with sweat, and their hands become clammy; so,?they hesitate to even give a confident handshake. As sweating is either stopped or controlled by the Botox? injection, they also regain the lost confidence to lead a normal life style.

Health Benefits

A Botox? injection is found to be effective in curing disorders like blepharospasm, cervical dystonia and strabismus. Similar to how it blocks the sweat transmitters, the pain transmitters are also blocked. As a result of this blockage, people may experience a significant relief from pain in the treated areas.

As Botox? is used for various cosmetic purposes, you should be aware of additional benefits you can get from this treatment. It can help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in the injected areas. However, you should be cautious enough, as Botox? is a potential toxin and may result in numerous side effects. Hence, be aware of the pros and cons before taking the treatment.

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