Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Juvederm

When patients seek cosmetic enhancement of any type, their main objective is often to make themselves feel and look better. When candidates select JUVEDERM ® , they get the cosmetic benefits, and even some health benefits, thanks to the improved self esteem that comes along with an improved appearance. Here are some of the benefits that JUVEDERM ® can offer.

1. A More Youthful Appearance

If a patient wants to take years off their appearance, JUVEDERM ® is an excellent choice. As skin ages, it begins to lose its natural elasticity and the body's natural collagen supply begins to diminish. This is what leads to the loosening of the skin, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. JUVEDERM ® has the ability to restore a much more youthful appearance because it's created from the same hyaluronic acid based material that is already present in the body, and it fills in the lines and creases that are caused by aging. When the patient's face has its lost volume restored, they will again have the look that they did ten or more years ago. JUVEDERM ® can replace youthful volume, or even add volume beyond original amounts.

2. Fuller Lips

JUVEDERM ® is one of the best ways to get the fuller lips a patient has always wanted. Even if a candidate has flat lips or very little volume in the lip area, JUVEDERM ® can dramatically improve the appearance of them by adding volume. JUVEDERM ® can be injected into the middle of the lips for a pouty or "bee stung" look, or it can be injected evenly around the lips for a bigger but less pouty look. JUVEDERM ® can also be injected around the borders of the mouth to create an overall wider and larger looking mouth. Candidates can consult their doctor prior to JUVEDERM ® injections about the look they'd like to achieve, and it's usually possible to create an almost entirely new look for the lips.

3. Facial Contouring

JUVEDERM ® can be used to make a change in the overall appearance of the face through facial contouring. JUVEDERM ® is able to do more than simply fill in lines or creases, since it can add volume to any area where it is injected. If the patient desires very thin cheeks, or would just like to create more definition in the cheekbone area, Juvederm may be a good choice. JUVEDERM ® can be used for facial contouring, in which case a doctor will generally use the product to fill in wrinkles and lines first, so the patient can see their face after the wrinkles are gone and then decide exactly how further enhancement should look.

4. Improved Self Esteem

JUVEDERM ® is a cosmetic enhancement that is most often chosen for its ability to enhance the appearance dramatically in a short period of time. If someone elects to have cosmetic enhancement of any type, they can expect to reap benefits that go beyond the change in appearance, however. When people look their best, they will often feel their best as well. Cosmetic enhancement with JUVEDERM ® may give both an improved look and an improved sense of self esteem.

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