Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Prevelle Silk

Prevelle Silk is a new type of soft tissue filler injected into the skin to smooth lines and wrinkles. The safe, colorless gel is compatible with all skin types and is non allergenic.  It contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which lubricates and protects skin cells, and Lidocain, a mild anesthetic.  The natural loss of hyaluronic acid as we age is what produces both fine lines and heavier creases in the skin.  These popular treatments fill out wrinkles and folds by replacing the lost hyaluronic acid, producing a youthful, healthy tone that can last up to four months.  Prevelle Silk treatments are painless, non invasive alternatives to surgery with many attractive benefits and features.

Safe and Natural

Prevelle Silk is made of hyaluronic acid, the natural substance found in skin which tightens, tones and lubricates skin cells, and Lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that neutralizes any pain during treatments.  It’s non allergenic and safe for all skin types.  By replacing lost hyaluronic acid, Prevelle Silk fills out lines and wrinkles, giving skin a youthful, toned appearance. The short, non invasive treatments can be administered on even sensitive skin areas and the effects may last up to four months.

Immediate Results

Prevelle Silk treatments add volume to skin tissue, smoothing out wrinkles and filling in lines as soon as the gel is administered. The effect on appearance is immediate and can last several months. The procedure is quick and painless, and there’s no recuperation period afterward to inconvenience patients.   

Smooths Wrinkles

Prevelle Silk replaces lost volume to skin cells, filling in and smoothing out wrinkles, creases and folds, restoring the skin’s healthy, youthful tone. By restoring its natural elasticity, Prevelle Silk treatments revitalize the skin’s supple and smooth appearance for up to four months, enhancing and strengthening its shape and contours for a youthful, healthy glow. Skin looks and feels naturally softer, smoother and more supple.

Minimal Risks

As a non invasive procedure, Prevelle Silk poses significantly fewer health risks than cosmetic surgery, though some patients may experience bruising, swelling,  pain or tenderness around treatment areas. Patients face no pre or post operative treatments, minimizing complications and requiring no medications or follow up appointments. Prevelle Silk is non allergenic and is safe for all skin types and tones.

Treats Sensitive Areas

Prevelle Silk treatments are designed to correct fine or heavy lines and wrinkles around even the most delicate areas such as the forehead (frown lines), the eyes (crow’s feet), from the lips to the nose (nasolabial folds) and the mouth (to firm, plump lips). The ultra thin needle and the anesthetic Lidocaine in Prevelle Silk combine to ensure a painless and thorough treatment of common problem areas other procedures can’t solve. 

Long Lasting

The effects of  Prevelle Silk treatments can last for up to four months, with skin maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance.  As the hyaluronic solution breaks down naturally over time, additional treatments may be required to achieve the best results.

Consult with your health care professional if you feel you might benefit from Prevelle Silk.

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