Cost and Financing of ArteFill

ArteFill injections generally cost between the prices of $300 to over $3,000. The large fluctuation occurs because some patients require only a limited number, or even a single injection, to cure their facial skin issues. Other individuals must undergo multiple treatments before they see a desirable result, which consequently raises the final price of the complete procedure.

Determining Cost and Effectiveness

ArteFill primarily works to remove wrinkles and fine lines from the facial skin surface. This injectable dermal filler works like most other comparable products, though the company claims that their specially formed additives do not absorb into the body as fast, thus providing prolonged results.

However, regardless of the products efficiency and uniqueness, large areas of wrinkling and skin folding caused by aging or other damages require more injections and more product than smaller, less severe regions. For example, a treatment to correct the wrinkles on the skin covering the cheeks and jaw line will generally cost much more than one that works to rid patients of small, less visible lines around the mouth.

Insurance does not cover ArteFill treatments since the procedure acts as an elective choice rather than a mandatory or necessary medical bill.

Cost Variances

Doctors and medical professionals offer this FDA approved skin rejuvenation treatment across the United States and abroad. Therefore, no standard price exists for the injectable dermal filler. Patients will always undergo prescreening and allergen tests in order to best find the proper solution on an individual basis.

Rather than facing extraneous charges caused by over or under treatment, all trained and approved ArteFill administering professionals strive to find the most cost effective solution for every patient.

Some of the groups who offer ArteFill as a skin rejuvenation product, lower their prices per injection or per treatment to remain competitive. Searching for a well equip facility with efficient prices helps patients choose the best option.

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