Cost and Financing of Botox

The average cost of a BOTOX ® injection?is $300-500 per area injected, with a national average?fee of $492. The Northeast and West Coast are generally more expensive than southern areas of the country where there isn't such a high demand.

Insurance Coverage

When considering BOTOX ® injections, it's a good idea to check with your health insurance provider just in case the procedure may have an allowance and a portion of the cost may be covered. There are certain medical conditions?that are treated with BOTOX ® injections and are covered by medical insurance. These include: excessive sweating, uncontrollable eye twitching and constant pain. Cosmetic uses of BOTOX ® are almost never covered by insurance programs.

The results of BOTOX ® are noticeable almost immediately, and these results can last anywhere from two to six months.

Financing Your Treatment

Treatments can be financed, and?the cost will depend upon your surgeon,?his qualifications, how many areas are being injected, and the region where you live. Cosmetic surgery loans are available and offer low monthly payments with sometimes no down payment required.?If the physician doesn't offer?financing, a medical financing company will.

Usually these plans will cover co-payments, deductibles and treatments not covered by insurance. Even?when?financing your BOTOX ® injections, you can?begin your treatments immediately and pay with monthly payments. These payment plans require no up front costs and have no pre-payment penalties. Ask your medical provider what credit plans are offered, as not all patient financing plans are offered by all practices.?

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