Cost and Financing of Captique

In modern cosmetic dermatology, Captique is a popular choice for helping to smooth away wrinkles and facial lines and for some other kinds of cosmetic treatments. Captique is a dermal filler that doctors inject under the skin of patients. This can erase lines by binding with water and by promoting collagen under the skin.

How Much Does Captique Cost?

Using dermal fillers like Captique is often an going type of cosmetic treatment. As a somewhat temporary dermal filler, Captique generally remains effective for about six months.

Although costs vary a great deal for a Captique procedure, some sources show that Captique can cost up to $500 per cc, with up to 2 cc used per injection. Additional office costs, costs of labor, and more all figure into the total cost. This illustrates how just one Captique session can be pretty expensive.

Will Health Insurance Pay for Captique?

Health insurance policies generally do not pay for elective procedures, but according to medical necessity. That means that if a Captique procedure is designed to clear away wrinkles or to plump up lips (another common use for the product), it has a slim chance of being covered. Some Captique procedures that deal with disfigurement or other conditions may be covered, but the majority of patients must pay for Captiue treatments out of pocket.

Paying for Captique

Many patients may find it helpful to use a payment plan available from a local dermatology office to cover the costs of Captique. Some experts also point out that Captique costs can be lower overall if the procedure is combined with another one, for instance, where different fillers are used in different facial areas. Always plan ahead for procedures like these to avoid over-purchasing cosmetic dermatology care that is intended to improve the aesthetic of the face.

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