Cost and Financing of Dysport

Dysport, a wrinkle relaxer similar to Botox, per unit is less than the price of Botox. Dysport requires approximately 2.5 times the amount to achieve the same effect as Botox.


Depending on your individual provider, the cost for one treatment of Dysport ranges from $300 to $400. Dysport, per unit, costs in the $4 to $6 range. 75 units are used per injection of Dysport. Depending on individual needs, more or less may be used per injection. Dysport results last for 3 to 6 months. Dysport injections average three per year. Savings for using Dysport instead of Botox is 25% of total costs yearly.


Financing for Dysport can be done in a variety of ways. Your surgeon may offer monthly installment plans. Financing can also be obtained, depending on your credit history, from an outside finance company. Check with your medical provider for recommendations on finance companies that have partnered with your surgeon. Monthly payments will vary depending on the cost of the injections, your credit rating, and the length of time to repay the loan.

Health Insurance Coverage

Dysport injections are not generally covered by your health insurance plan. However, if the procedure addresses health issues, such as helping to repair physical deformities, your surgeon can request that your insurance company help cover the cost. Insurance companies can still deny coverage.

Always check with your insurance company before assuming they will cover any part of Dysport injections. Most often, insurance companies will not cover any part of Dysport type procedures.

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