Cost and Financing of Evolence

The popularity of dermal fillers such as Evolence has grown over the past few years as new, highly effective fillers have come onto the market. More people are choosing to use fillers instead of surgical options, since they are safer, easier and much less painful.

Does Insurance Cover Evolence Treatments?

Because Evolence treatments are considered a cosmetic procedure, many insurance companies will not cover the cost. However, be sure to consult with the insurance company to be sure exactly what coverage is available. Some insurance companies will cover cosmetic treatments under certain circumstances. A contact at the insurance company or an experienced billing expert at the doctor's office should be able to provide additional information.

Financing for Evolence Treatments

Like most dermal fillers, Evolence can be fairly expensive. Charges are usually calculated according to how many vials of filler are used in a single procedure. In addition, Evolence treatment is not permanent, so anyone pursuing this kind of procedure must consider the long-term expense of touch-up and maintenance procedures.

Many cosmetic surgeons offer financing through companies they work with regularly and can recommend. Patients pursuing financing in this way should be sure to ask about interest rates and how much additional cost is likely to accrue over the pay-off period.

In addition, the majority of doctors will take credit cards, allowing patients to work out their own payment schedules through the credit card company. Again, interest rates remain a factor in determining the final cost of the procedure, so be sure to include this in calculating the long-term expense.

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