Cost and Financing of Sculptra

Knowing the average cost and financing options available for Sculptra can help you decide whether or not you have the financing available to undergo the procedure. While prices and financing options differ by your location and the individual cosmetic specialist, you can expect something like the following:

The Average Cost

Sculptra costs an average of $450 to $550 per syringe, but you may find places where a syringe costs slightly less ($350) or more ($600). You will most likely need multiple syringes per session and you will need at least a total of three sessions, but may need as many as six. The number of syringes and sessions you need depends on how deep the lines or sunken areas of your face to be treated are and how large the area(s) to be treated are. The deeper and the greater the area, the more syringes and sessions you will need.

However, you can expect an average cost to be somewhere between $3600 and $4400 for the complete treatment. (An average of four sessions with two syringes each.)

Insurance Coverage

It is very unlikely that your insurance will cover the Sculptra treatment as it is, for the most part, an optional cosmetic treatment. However, if you are having the procedure to correct alterations made to your face due to an illness, such as HIV or an accident, it's possible your insurance may cover some or all of the treatment.

Financing Options

Because insurance rarely covers Sculptra treatments, most cosmetic specialists understand that you may need assistance paying for the procedure. Look into options such as loans and payment installment plans. Charging the procedure on a high-interest credit card is not the best option, especially when you can work with your cosmetic specialist's in-house payment plans.

Even if the price of Sculptra seems too expensive, you should be able to afford a consultation or find a specialist who will provide a consultation free of charge. You may find after consultation that you may not need as many sessions or syringes as you might think.

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