Dysport: Good for All Skin Tones?

Dysport is an injectible product that uses botulinum toxin and is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Dysport will affect the muscles, which will be relaxed at all times so the dynamic wrinkles will not be visible.

Dysport and Skin Tones

Given that Dysport is injected under the skin, the product will not affect the skin tone in any way. The Dysport treatment may be applied in patients with all types of skin tones. The botulinum toxin cannot affect the pigmentation of the skin, so there will be no risk of pigmentation changes. Consequently, Dysport can be used in patients with all skin tones. The only possible difference is in patients with lighter complexion; after the procedure, these patients may experience redness, while in patients with darker skin tones the redness will be less visible.

The product should not be used on patients that are allergic to the botulinum toxin or to the proteins in cow's milk.

Dysport is administered in a few injections in the areas where there are dynamic wrinkles. The treatment will offer a less wrinkled and a more relaxed appearance. Dysport is a treatment that is similar to Purtox or Botox.

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