Evolence for Adolescents

Evolence is a dermal filler which has been used in Canada, Israel and Europe for years. This filler can be injected into deeper lines and wrinkles on the face in order to help smooth out the appearance of the skin. In adolescents, Evolence can be used to help with deeper acne scarring as well as genetically created facial lines.

Use of Evolence for Adolescents

While the teenage patient isn't a common sight in a plastic surgery office, they do come in to receive treatments when they aren't happy with their skin. Some patients turn to Evolence if they feel their acne scars are affecting their self confidence.  Very deep scars can upset the smoothness of the skin, causing a person to feel as though their scars are on display. With Evolence, an adolescent will be able to fill in these indentations, leaving only smooth and youthful skin.

Since adolescent skin can bounce back easily, the use of Evolence can be highly effective. Within just a few treatments, patients will see improvement in their skin, allowing them to feel more confident. The long term effects of Evolence also help patients enjoy their procedure results for a lengthy period of time.

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