Evolence for Men

Evolence is a new filler which is being used in cosmetic surgery procedures. This material is injected into the folds of the face, helping to promote a smooth complexion which is free from wrinkles and lines. Men are finding Evolence to be a subtle way to freshen up their face.

Use of Evolence for Men

With Evolence, men can begin to smooth out the deeper nasolabial folds which seem to be prominent among males. These lines can make a face look older and more tired than the person actually is. As the skin ages, its collage production slows, causing the skin to become looser and to hold onto wrinkles and lines. In keeping a youthful appearance, men feel better about their appearance instantly, with the results lasting for many months after the procedure. While some irritation at the injection sites is possible, Evolence is usually painless, quick and long lasting.

Using Evolence to freshen up one's look is not just for women. Men are turning to dermal fillers as well to help them restore their youth. Since genetics can increase the likelihood of nasolabial folds, often the only way to stop this from happening is to get cosmetic assistance.

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