Evolence for Women

Evolence is one of the newest FDA approved injectable facial derma fillers on the market that uses pig collagen, which resembles human skin. Its injections promise to fill out and smooth unwanted wrinkles and lines, producing natural results with little to no downtime. Initially, Evolence originated in Europe and Israel, but is now commonly marketed in many spas and cosmetic offices both in the United States and Canada. It is used as a filler mostly along side the nose and mouth area.

Evolence is very popular amongst women. Women who wish to improve the quality of their skin can benefit from this procedure.

Best Women Candidates for Evolence

Women with moderate to deeper lines on the face are all ideal candidates for these new injection procedures.

Procedure Length for Treatment

The procedure length of time for Evolence injections is usually approximately 60 minutes.


Most cosmetic clinics charge approximately $500 to $700 for one syringe and treatment session.

Side Effects

Reports have shown that there could be swelling, redness and firmness in the affected area.

Duration of Evolence Treatment

Doctors claim that the treatment lasts about 6 months, but studies in Europe indicate that it can last up to 12 months. 

Although Evolence is believed to be very beneficial around the mouth area, some physicians fear that because of the dermal filler being rather rigid, it may cause bruising and lumping if injected around the eye area. Because the treatment can be done with minimal pain and one visit, Evolence could be less costly than other types of injectable derma fillers.

As all medical procedure and treatments, always seek the advice and care of a licensed medical professional when contemplating cosmetic treatment. 

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