Evolution of Injectables

For over thirty years, injecting fillers into facial wrinkles has provided a "quick fix" rejuvenation. Facial injections were originally developed from collagen extracted from a particular herd of cattle sequestered in California. Although the debut of collagen fillers invoked considerable interest, they required allergy testing, lasted just a few months, and treated only superficial wrinkles. To overcome these limitations, the quest for safer, longer-lasting, and more diversified facial sculpting substances continued. As injectables became more refined in time, Botox, which relaxes overactive muscles, and fillers, made from human collagen and natural hyaluronic acid, increased in popularity and effectiveness. With the recent introduction of Sculptra, a "long-term fix" is now a reality. By stimulating the body’s long-term natural collagen production at quadruple the normal rate, this new generation allergy-free filler restores volume to hollow cheeks and temples and plumps deep lines around the mouth and chin. The fuller, more youthful contours and attractive soft features created by Sculptra give a more vibrant, refreshed appearance. Only board certified physicians in cosmetic surgery specialties such as dermatology and plastic surgery are qualified to use Sculptra, and unlike previous fillers, the injections are virtually painless. The result appears gradually and inconspicuously and typically lasts a minimum of two years! This amazing filler is affordable and requires only two to three fifteen minute sessions with no downtime. Sculptra may also be combined with other substances, such as Botox or Juvederm, which address superficial lines. The remarkable result is as close as conceivable to a face lift in a syringe.

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