FDA Approval Status for Botox

BOTOX ® received FDA approval in 2002, making it one of a select few cosmetic injectable products proven and labeled safe and effective. 2008 statistics show that BOTOX ® remains the most popular, widely used cosmetic product.

BOTOX ® Treatments

This injectable solution works to help patients eliminate wrinkles and lines caused by aging or other physical damages. The gel-like protein based solution helps primarily between the eye brows, removing frown lines.

BOTOX ® does act as a medication, which gives the Food and Drug Administration power to deny or accept approval requests. The FDA only regulates medications and medical devices used in treatments, not specific treatments or procedural processes.

BOTOX ® works by temporarily fixing frown lines, unlike many other treatments. Rather than simply filling depleted collagen networks like similar dermal filler products, BOTOX ® treatments actually shut down nerve impulses. When admitted in the region between the eye brows, BOTOX ® will deactivate the nerve signals that cause frown lines.

Many patients notice results lasting up to 3 or 4 months, but some require multiple treatments in order to see long lasting results. This product does not provide permanent results, and many known side effects occur in some patients. Consulting with the administering specialist prior to receiving treatment will help limit the chances of negative results.

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