History of Captique

Captique is a plant-based hylauronic acid product that dermatology specialists use as a dermal filler. Doctors inject this substance under the skin of patients. The hylauronic acid product binds water and helps promote collagen for a more youthful look in the injection areas, where wrinkles are smoothed away due to the filling of the subsurface area.

History of Captique

The production of Captique is attributed to the two companies Inamed and Genzyme. Industry resources show that Genzyme, billed as the world's third largest biotechnology company, did substantial work on Captqiue in the years prior to its FDA approval in 2004. Captique was originally intended to widen the array of options for patients of dermal filler procedures.

Since its approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, Captique has been added to the list of approved dermal fillers, and since then, it has been used extensively as one option for injections that fill in areas of the face to erase lines, especially those known as "nasolabial" lines around the nose and mouth. Captique has also been used to augment lips in various amounts, and in procedures that help diminish folds of skin under the eyes or in other areas of the face.

The Procedure

Captique has been a popular product that many skilled dermatologists offer as part of a menu for dermal filler procedures. In general, these procedures take a short time, and do not require a significant recovery period afterward. Patients who find a dermal filler that works for them may receive several subsequent injections over a period of time to keep the results they experienced with the first injections.

Although relatively few side effects have been reported with Captique, no dermal filler is completely without risk, so it's recommended that prospective patients talk to a doctor about how Captique would work for existing conditions and whether they  would be a good candidate for this kind of procedure. 

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