How Elevess is Performed

Elevess is a cosmetic procedure where a filler that is derived from a substance called hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs in the skin naturally, and it also occurs naturally in other body tissues as well. Typically, hyaluronic acid acts similar to a sponge, where it absorbs excess nutrients and fluids, which give the skin a more firm and plump appearance. As the skin firms and plumps, it gives the patient a more youthful look.

How Elevess Is Performed

Elevess is performed in an outpatient setting. The Elevess procedure usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes for most patients. Elevess contains a local anesthetic in itself, so no anesthesia is needed. Sometimes, patients will receive a topical anesthetic to lessen the sting of the injection. After the sites to fill are identified by the surgeon, he will perform a number of filler injections in the areas, ensuring that all identified areas are filled with the Elevess. In addition to wanting to know how Elevess is performed, patients frequently are concerned about side effects and risks of the procedure.

Contraindications for Elevess

Elevess is performed for individuals that may want to get rid of facial lines or wrinkles. Contraindications for the Elevess procedure are bleeding disorders, patients who are in poor health, and people who have compromised immune systems. In addition, patients who have a history of allergic reactions may not be candidates for Elevess. Since there is not any down time involved with the Elevess procedure, patients can continue on with their normal activities such as physician recommended exercise programs and therapies.

Side Effects of Elevess

Generally, side effects of Elevess injections are mild. The patient may experience mild swelling and redness at the injection site and minor bleeding. If the patient experiences discomfort following the procedure, the physician may recommend an over the counter pain reliever. Swelling and redness can be minimized by applying ice to the incision sites. Rarely, infection may develop at the injection site and the patient may experience an allergic reaction. Both of these occurrences are uncommon since hyaluronic acid, the substance in which Elevess is derived, occurs naturally in the body. Patients may be pleasantly surprised when they find that the results of the procedure are immediately noticed after the injections.

Special Instructions for the Elevess Procedure

Many times, when individuals inquire about how Elevess is performed, they will ask if there are any special pre-procedure preparations that they may need to do. They are often relieved to know that there is not any special preparation needed before the procedure. Normally, following the procedure, the patient can go home without any restrictions being put upon activities. Although side effects and adverse reactions from this procedure are rare, the patient is advised to call his physician if he experiences an increase in pain, swelling or bleeding.

Risk of Allergic Reaction from Elevess

As with any other medical or cosmetic procedure that involves injecting a substance into the body, there is the small risk of a severe allergic reaction. Although extremely rare, a severe allergic reaction  can occur. This medical emergency may involve throat and mouth swelling and difficulty breathing. If the patient experiences these symptoms, he should seek immediate medical attention.

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