How Juvederm is Performed

After you have made the decision to have a JUVEDERM ® treatment, you will usually discuss the exact way the procedure will be performed with your doctor. There are several different methods that your doctor may use to perform JUVEDERM ® treatments. These can vary according to the thickness of the JUVEDERM ® formula used, and the area of your face where the correction is being done. Here are the ways that JUVEDERM ® is performed, with some common variations in JUVEDERM ® techniques. ?

JUVEDERM ® Techniques for Filling in Lines

There are several ways that JUVEDERM ® is used to fill in your facial lines and creases. The linear threading technique is one of the more common ways to fill in areas like the nasolabial folds that run from your nose to your mouth area. When your doctor uses this technique, he will place the needle into the center of the line and slowly inject the JUVEDERM ® while gradually pulling the needle backwards.

Another common JUVEDERM ® technique for plumping up facial lines is the serial puncture method. Your doctor may prefer this method if there is a deep set wrinkle, since it is a systematic way to cover every area of the wrinkle. With serial puncturing, your doctor will make many small injections along the area of the wrinkle or line.

JUVEDERM ® Techniques for Facial Contouring

Your JUVEDERM ® injections may be performed in a different way if you are seeking facial contouring. If you are having a JUVEDERM ® treatment with the ultimate aim of filling in hollow areas like the cheeks, or of adding definition to certain facial areas, your doctor may choose to use a fanning technique. The fan technique uses a small gauge needle to do a series of injections, much like the serial puncturing method. However, the fan technique will fan out in a flair pattern. A fanning technique may be the best choice for you if your doctor is making some major changes to the overall look of your face, since it allows the JUVEDERM ® to be placed very specifically in the areas where you need contouring.

JUVEDERM ® Techniques for Lip Enhancement

JUVEDERM ® injections in your lips are usually performed in a serial puncture method. If you are seeking a minor lip enhancement and want a subtle plumping, your doctor will probably inject the JUVEDERM ® into the bridge of your lip. These injections will follow the bow of your upper lip in a series of tiny punctures, as your doctor releases the JUVEDERM ® in small amounts.

If you are looking for a more major change to the overall appearance of your lips, your doctor will usually do a series of injections that follow the borders of your lips, and then inject additional JUVEDERM ® directly into the body of your lips. Your doctor may inject the JUVEDERM ® into the body of your lips in very small amounts and then stop to assess progress before he continues with the treatment.

When you have your JUVEDERM ® treatment, you will normally experience very little discomfort since most doctors provide a topical anesthetic or a dental block to alleviate the pain of the injections. Regardless of the way your doctor performs your JUVEDERM ® injections, you can expect the product to take effect and give you an improved appearance immediately.

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