How to Choose an ArteFill Specialist

When choosing the specialist who will perform ArteFill injections, there are several things to take into consideration. There may be different types of professionals who provide ArteFill, depending on a patient's state of residence. In most cases, only licensed medical doctors will perform the injections of permanent dermal fillers like ArteFill, but some nurses or nurse practitioners may perform the injections as well.

Consult With Providers

It is important that patients find and choose an ArteFill provider who is helpful and willing to answer questions. Consult with several different providers, then choose the one who was the most helpful and knowledgeable about ArteFill. A consultation is the ideal time to ask any questions and to get details on what kind of results to expect from the procedure. A provider who has extensive experience with this particular dermal filler is a smart choice, since ArteFill is a completely different product than other non-permanent dermal fillers and must be used as such.

Check Credentials

After selecting an ArteFill specialist, it is wise to check the credentials of the selected doctor prior to the procedure. This involves a simple Internet search in most cases, and will provide information such as doctor education, board certification, licensure status, training and experience. Verify that the chosen ArteFill provider is authorized to do this type of treatment, and that they have sufficient experience to do so.

It is especially vital to choose an ArteFill specialist who has extensive knowledge and experience regarding the product, because this is a permanent procedure. For the best results, patients and providers need to be comfortable with each other and understand possible outcomes prior to the procedure.

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