How to Prepare for a Prevelle Silk Procedure

Prevelle Silk is an uncomplicated, non invasive cosmetic procedure that uses an injectible solution to give volume to the face. Prevelle Silk employs hyaluronic acid, which will not cause any allergies, so no allergy testing will be needed prior to the treatment. However, to be better prepared for the procedure, you should learn a few basics about the procedure, see if there are any medications that you need to take or discontinue, and find out about the possible side effects of Prevelle Silk.

The Prevelle Silk Procedure

The Prevelle Silk procedure will be performed using a local anesthetic cream, which you may choose to skip if you think you can bear a few injections. The procedure will consist of a few injections and will last 10 to 15 minutes.

Prevelle Silk and Medications

Have a discussion with your plastic surgeon about the medications you may be taking or the ones that may be required after the Prevelle Silk injections.

The plastic surgeon may recommend you stop taking aspirin, other non steroidal anti inflammatories or other medications that prolong bleeding. However, the injections will cause minimal bleeding, so you should be fine if you take any of these medications.

Possible Side Effects

You should know that Prevelle Silk may cause side effects such as pain, redness and swelling, but these will not interfere with your normal activities. You may, however, need to request a day off if you think you'll need to rest after the Prevelle Silk treatment.

After the treatment, you should be able to drive, but you may want someone to pick you up.

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