How to Prepare for ArteFill

Preparation for ArteFill is usually a fairly simple process, but patients need to make sure that they discuss the product and the injection process with their doctor prior to their treatment. ArteFill is the only permanent dermal filler that is currently FDA approved, so it is considered completely safe for use. However, because it contains bovine collagen it may cause allergic reactions. Doctors generally help patients prepare for their ArteFill treatment starting about one month in advance.

One Month in Advance

One month prior to ArteFill treatment, patients must undergo an allergy test that will detect any reaction to bovine collagen. The allergy test is a minor skin test that takes only a few moments, but it is vital for any patient planning to get ArteFill treatment. An allergy to bovine collagen could cause a very serious reaction. If the allergy test reveals no sensitivity to bovine collagen, the patient is usually cleared to set an appointment for treatment.

The Day of Treatment

On the day of treatment, most patients will not need to take any pain medication or use any topical anesthetic, because ArteFill already contains an anesthetic. There is a small amount of lidocaine included in the ArteFill formula, and this normally reduces any patient discomfort or pain to manageable levels. For patients with a low pain tolerance, the doctor may recommend that they take a mild over the counter pain reliever prior to their appointment.

ArteFill is generally simple to prepare for. Since this product will bring about a permanent change in facial appearance, some patients prefer to try a different, non-permanent, dermal filler first so that they can get an idea of what the results would be.


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