How to Prepare for Captique

After selecting Captique as a dermal filler, there are several ways that the practitioner may recommend that the patient prepare for the treatment. Since Captique is injected with a very small needle, it is normally a very simple and non-invasive procedure, taking half an hour or less.

Discuss What To Expect

Patients who will be having Captique treatment should discuss expectations and results with their practitioner before the treatment date. Often, patients will have a consultation appointment prior to the treatment, and this is the time that any questions can be asked, and the treatment can be discussed. Patients may be able to get an idea of cost, however in some cases, it is difficult for the practitioner to assess how much product will be needed until the injections begin, so exact cost projection may not be possible at the consultation.

Discontinue Blood Thinner Medications

If a patient is taking blood thinners, anti-coagulants or daily Aspirin, it is normally recommended that the medication is discontinued for a period of about 2 weeks prior to the Captique treatment if this is possible. If the patient must take these medications daily, the practitioner may advise against having Captique treatment, since these medications can cause problems with bruising and excess bleeding during the injections.

Pain Relief

While Captique treatment does not cause serious pain in the majority of patients, some patients may feel sensations ranging from mild discomfort to moderate pain during the injection process. The practitioner may tell patients that it is permissible to take a mild pain reliever prior to treatment. It is important that patients do not take any pain relievers, including over the counter ones, unless they first check with their Captique practitioner.

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