Initial and Long Term Results of Captique

Captique, the injectable dermal filler, generally works to fill sunken skin on the facial surface. This product helps fill wrinkles and folds caused by aging or other instances. Most patients enjoy this non invasive fast acting method as opposed to undergoing laser based treatments that usually cause periods of required downtime.

Initial Results of Captique

Captique will provide immediate results to those patients who have successfully undergone any required pre screening or allergen tests. In order to see optimal results, however, patients must wait a number of days; many people receive Captique injections prior to social gathering events, so these timelines were made available through multiple resources.

Immediately after a Captique injection, patients will tend to feel slight discomfort and see mild redness or swelling. These minor side effects usually subside within hours.

Long Term Results of Captique

The Captique solution remains under the skins surface until it becomes natural absorbed into the human body. Depending on the amount of injections received, the dermal filler will continue to show effects for varying periods of time.

Many patients see results for a number of months and sometimes up to one full year. However, in order to prevent long term results from subsiding quickly, a majority of individuals undergo minor injections also known as touch up treatments periodically. This helps keep the treated areas elevated and filled with healthy levels of natural collagen building ingredients.

The Captique product works well with other skin rejuvenation methods and sometimes lasts longer when paired with other leading brands. Consulting with the original administering professionals prior to receiving other treatments serves as the safest and most effective option for preventing side effects.

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