Initial and Long Term Results of Dysport

Dysport primarily works as an injectable solution that temporarily fixes symptoms caused by cervical dystonia. This product also helps patients reduce glabellar lines caused by tensed brow muscles as well. This method does not serve as a permanent solution to either of the two treatable conditions, though patients do see positive and helpful results within hours of treatment.

Initial Results of Dysport

The potent combination of muscle relaxants found in Dysport injections significantly reduce muscle tension and convulsions that cause cervical dystonia patients to remain in uncomfortable postures. These irregular positions usually stem from the position of the head and neck as a result of tightened muscles within that specific region.

The initial result of each injection differs based on the severity of the patient's condition. In rare cases, patients see little to no effect within the first few hours after receiving a Dysport injection. Generally, Dystonia will relieve the muscle tightening caused by the disease for a duration lasting three to four months.

Dysport also helps relieve muscle tension that causes a frowning appearance or lines between the eyebrows. Smaller amounts of treatment become necessary to treat this condition, and symptoms become relieved for extended durations immediately.

Long Term Results of Dysport

The Dysport treatment only works temporarily. It fixes some symptoms caused by cervical dystonia and muscle tension for a few months at a time. Most patients who see success from this product receive multiple shots throughout a calendar year in order to keep their bodies in normal postures and free of spastic muscle convulsions.

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