Initial and Long Term Results of Hyperhidrosis BOTOX Treatment

The Hyperhidrosis Botox? Treatment has been FDA approved to be used to treat under arm excessive sweating. The Botox? injections employ botulinum toxin, which inhibits the production of acetylcholine. The Botox? treatment is also used in cosmetic clinics to reduce dynamic wrinkling on the face and neck. The procedure doesn't have permanent effects, and the patients should be aware of the initial and long term results of the Botox? injections for excessive sweating.

Initial Results

After the Botox? injections are administered, the patient will not see immediate results. The botulinum toxin that is included in the Botox? injections will gradually relax the muscles and inhibit the production of the acetylcholine, the substance that activates the sweat glands in the body.

After the Botox? treatment, the patient will experience pain, swelling and possibly bruises. Headaches are also common. The patient will have to avoid massaging the injected areas, so that the botulinum toxin injections will enter the targeted areas and muscles. The patient will also have to avoid exercise for 1 week and avoid sleeping on the injected areas for at least the first 12 hours after the treatment.

The patient may notice he is sweating less than usual 3 to 5 days after the administration of the injections or after the side effects of the injections are gone.

The patient will be able to observe the optimal results after 2 to 3 weeks after the administration of the Botox? treatment. The patient will not sweat at all in the treated areas. Typically, the Botox? injections are applied in the under arm area, but may also be used for the feet or palms. However, the body may compensate, and the sweat glands may be more active in different areas such as the chest or back. Not all patients experience this side effect.

Long Term Results

The Botox? treatment for excessive sweating is only effective for a limited period of time. Some patients may benefit from the effects of the Botox? injections for up to 6 months, while others may be sweat free for 9 or more months.

After this period, the patient may start sweating more than when the injections were still effective. A new set of injections will be recommended. If administered by a certified specialist, the botulinum toxin injections are safe for long term use, and patients tend to develop fewer side effects after the Botox? injections. However, it is always important to administer a suitable dose to prevent complications.

In time, after several Botox? injections administered over several years, the patient may notice that the effect of the injections is longer lasting. Some patients may benefit from the effects of Botox? for over 12 months, which is due to the fact that muscles become weaker and the injections will also slow down the production of acetylcholine.

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