Juvederm and Fair Skin Tones

The injectable dermal filler, JUVEDERM ® provides similar results to nearly every patient, regardless of skin tone. Those with fair skin tones will see noticeable results in usually only one treatment session. In some cases, patients do notice redness and swelling which usually stands out more on those with fair skin tones.

Fair Skin and JUVEDERM ®

All injectable dermal filler product works equally on patients regardless of skin tone or texture. Since this type of product works below the skins surface rather than on the top, skin type plays no role in how well the product will work.

Those with fair skin tones will notice more redness around the treatment area after receiving a JUVEDERM ® injection in comparison with those patients with dark tones. The redness typically goes away after a matter of hours.

Results will last around a year for some patients. Those with severe wrinkles and skin folds often require multiple treatment sessions in order to notice desirable results for sustained periods. Those with fair skin tones will notice longer lasting results by following simple skin care steps such as daily moisturizing, limiting sun exposure, and reducing contact with harsh chemicals.

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