Lip Enhancement Myths and Facts

Lip Enhancement is a cosmetic procedure that may be accomplished with the use of dermal fillers or implants. The procedure is ideal for people that would like fuller lips or have lost lip volume due to aging. There are a few myths and facts around the Lip Enhancement procedure that need to be clarified.

Myth: The Lip Enhancement Procedure Is Permanent

Fact: The Lip Enhancement will not have permanent results, regardless of the procedure employed. The dermal fillers will be absorbed by the body and the lips will lose their shape. The implants may also require adjustment or replacement, even if this type of procedure will have longer lasting results.

Myth: All Lip Enhancement Procedures Are the Same

Fact: The Lip Enhancement procedure may be performed using the following procedures:

  • Implants (typically with silicone gel)
  • Fat injections
  • Collagen injections ( purified porcine or bovine collagen)
  • Synthetic human collagen
  • Hyaluronic acid injections

The procedure that is most suitable for the patient will be used. A plastic surgeon will asses the condition of the patient and he will make the suitable recommendations.

Myth: Surgery Is Needed for Lip Enhancement

Fact: The Lip Enhancement can be accomplished through non invasive treatments as well (i.e. Elevess or Restylane), which are injectible fillers. If the patient requires implants, these will require surgery, which will involve a few small incisions that may leave some scars in the lip area. However, the incisions can be made inside the mouth, so the scars will not be visible.

Myth: Lip Enhancement Is Painful

Fact: If non invasive treatments are used for Lip Enhancement, these are not painful, as they involve only a few injections that will be performed after applying a numbing cream on the lips. Even if the lips are extremely sensitive, the numbing cream will annihilate the pinching sensation caused by the injections. After the procedure, the patient won’t experience any pain. If surgery will be performed, this can be painful and the patient will experience pain even after the surgery.

Myth: Skin Tests Are Required for Lip Enhancement

Fact: The Lip Enhancement may be performed using various dermal fillers. While certain dermal fillers that use purified animal collagen will require testing, dermal fillers such as Restylane or Elevess will not require testing, as they contain hyaluronic acid, which will not cause allergic reactions in the body (as it is a substance that exists in the human body).

Myth: All Patients Can Benefit from Lip Enhancement

Fact: Not all patients can benefit of the Lip Enhancement treatment, as there are certain patients that will not tolerate implants or fillers. There are also a few medical conditions that will not allow a Lip Enhancement treatment (i.e. immune system mediated diseases).injectible. Each patient will be examined prior to the Lip Enhancement procedure.

Myth: Lip Enhancement Is Not Safe

Fact: Lip Enhancement procedures used in certified plastic surgery clinics are FDA approved. The patient should ask about the FDA status for the procedure that will be applied.

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