Most Common Uses of ArteFill

ArteFill most commonly helps patients who seek temporary solutions to wrinkles and skin folds on the facial region. The solution gets injected by a syringe and needle and sometimes lasts up to half of a year.


The ArteFill dermal filler procedure allows patients to see immediate results for fixing moderate to deep wrinkles. Patients who seek cost effective alternatives to long lasting surgical processes find ArteFill to serve as a viable option. Not only does the injectable solution take small amounts of time to perform, the procedure requires no major downtime, as patients have the ability to continue with daily activities as soon as the treatment concludes.

Common Uses

Commonly used on patients who suffer from some sort of facial wrinkle issue, ArteFill serves as a much more permanent solution than many other injectable collagen based products. Rather than absorbing into the body, ArteFill remains in its small sphere-like particle form--between the top layer of skin and the first fat layer--in order to keep skin smooth and wrinkle free.

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